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Apollo Multigym Commercial Fitness Equipment
Apollo Multigym Commercial Fitness Equipment
Apollo Multigym Commercial Fitness Equipment


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The APOLLO outdoor fitness multigym takes the basics of indoor commercial fitness equipment and delivers it to the outside world in a tamperproof, durable, and weatherproof package.

Compact, cost effective, and completely safe, the APOLLO is designed for any fitness level or ability.

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  • The APOLLO is designed with over sixteen different exercises, offering a full body workout. With adjustability where needed and our unique chin/dip assist mechanism, the APOLLO multigym is suitable for users of all fitness levels.

Back Seated Row Exercise

Upright Shoulder Row Exercise

Bicep Curls

Upper Back Pull Down Exercise

Bulgarian Split Squat

Seated Crunch Exercise

Box Jump Exercise

Elevated Knee Touch Exercise

Step Up Exercise

Dip Exercise Station

Chin Up Exercise

Back Extension Exercise

Calf Raise Exercise

Vertical Knee Raise Exercise

Tricep Press Down Exercise

Incline Push Up Exercise

  • The APOLLO helps you make the most of your space, with up to 5 simultaneous users.
  • The APOLLO features the popular high-low pulley station for a variety of standing or seated exercises. The unique, tamperproof selectorized weight stack allows users to adjust the weight between 10 and 100lbs. The locking safety mechanism eliminates pinch points or entrapment areas typically seen on selectorized weight stack systems.


Width: 73″ / 185 cm
Length: 76″ / 193 cm
Height: 85″ / 216 cm
Weight: 1046 lbs / 475kg
Weight Stack Weight: 100 lbs / 45 kg
Anchoring Requirements: 4 x concrete anchors with rated “pull out” or “tension” strength of 3400lbs or greater. Anchors must be secured into structural concrete.
Frame & Finish: Constructed of 3/16″ and 1/4″ heavy duty steel that is zinc primed and polyester powder coated with UV stabilized color pigment. All fasteners are tamperproof stainless steel carriage bolts with the locking nuts on the inside of the padlocked center column.
Standard Color: Ultramarine Blue; Custom colours available for an extra charge.
Shipping Weight: 1176 lbs / 534 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 48″ wide . 72″ long x 85″ high / 122 cm wide x 183 cm long x 216 cm high
Number of Simultaneous Users: 5