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Assembly Day Highlights Our White Glove Service at Hest Fitness Products

Caleb Price and Michael Schoggins assembling an Inspire M3 Multigym

At Hest Fitness Products, we go beyond merely selling fitness equipment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about the equipment that best fits your space. This commitment was evident during our recent assembly day at our San Antonio store, where Caleb Price and Caleb Blanchett skillfully assembled an Inspire M3 Multi-Gym.

Consultation and White Glove Delivery Service

Understanding that each piece of equipment has specific space requirements, we provide detailed consultations to recommend the optimal space and clearance needed for your new equipment. Additionally, our White Glove Delivery Service encompasses:

  • Professional Assembly: Our expert technicians manage all the complex assembly details.
  • Direct Delivery: We transport the equipment directly to your location.
  • Seamless Installation: We ensure your equipment is installed in the designated space and ready for immediate use.

Customized Delivery Solutions

The cost of our White Glove Delivery Service varies based on several factors, including the complexity of the item, its weight, the specific floor on which the item will be placed, and the customer’s location. We proudly serve and deliver in and around Corpus Christi, McAllen, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Experience the Difference

Witness firsthand how our experienced team ensures your equipment not only fits your space but is also set up for optimal use from the moment we leave. Our process embodies our commitment to helping you LOOK Better, FEEL Better, and DO More.

Ready to Elevate Your Fitness Experience?

Contact us today to discuss your fitness equipment needs and discover how our expert services can enhance your fitness journey with hassle-free, high-quality solutions.

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