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Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer
Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer
Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer
Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer
Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer
Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

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The Spirit Fitness ST800FT Functional Trainer is what happens when durability, versatility, safety, and performance are combined. The frame is built using heavy-gauge steel tubing with a powder-coated finish to ensure solid performance year after year. With full-length steel shrouds in both the front and back of the weight stack, and heavy-gauge metal pulley housing covers, precious moving parts are protected to help reduce the risk of injury and prolong the life of the machine.

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The versatility of the ST800FT is what sets it apart from other equipment. The standard weight stack of 160 lb is adjustable in 10 lb increments using the magnetic pins with machined solid aluminum knobs. For those who want to really push their limits, the weight stack has an optional upgrade to 210 lb. The included attachments, pull-up bars, climbing grips, and pulley positions provide an almost endless array of possible exercises all from one machine. The wide base, and easily adjustable cable ends also rotate 180° making the Spirit Fitness ST800FT accessible to a variety of users and opens new workout possibilities by easily accommodating things like rehab equipment, workout benches, or stability balls.

A cable ratio of 2:1 ensures smooth action and greater range of movement. Each 10 lb weight plate is cast steel and includes nylon sheaths to help decrease friction and noise, and help reduce stress on the plates from harsh impact. The guide rods are solid steel with a hardened chrome finish for a premium commercial feel.

  • Ultimate exercise variety in one machine
  • Dual 160 lb weight stacks with 31 quick-change settings
  • Durable heavy-gauge powder-coated steel frame
  • Large steel accessory holder with easily identifiable pictures
  • Wide base for benches, stability balls, and rehab equipment


Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Workout Versatility

The ST800FT includes everything you need for nearly unlimited exercises including: Pull-ups, chin-ups, incline press, chest press, decline press, tricep press, pec fly, shoulder fly, shoulder press, high/mid/low row, lateral raise, internal/external rotation, bicep curl, hip abduction, hip flexion, core rotation, leg extension, squat, leg curls, and more.

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

2:1 Ratio Resistance

The pulleys on the ST800FT are geared at a 2:1 ratio for increased range of motion, are easily height adjustable with trigger-style pull-pins, and rotate 180° to accommodate a greater range of exercise possibilities.

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Accessible and Easy-To-Use

The wide base accommodates a variety of rehab equipment, benches, and stability balls, while the instruction stickers conveniently located on each shroud help illustrate proper usage.

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Ultimate Durability

Full-length steel shrouds on the front and back of the equipment, in addition to the heavy-gauge steel pulley housing covers, help reduce the risk of injury and prolong the life of the machine.

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Included Accessories

Large steel accessory holders with easily identifiable pictures show where each accessory is stored (accessories included). Included accessories are: long bar, short handle, revolving straight bar, ankle strap, long grip handles (x2), and triceps rope.






  • Wide Base Accommodates Additional Equipment
  • Included Accessories: Long Bar, Short Handle, Revolving Straight Bar, Ankle Strap, Long Grip Handles (x2), Triceps Rope


Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer

Spirit ST800FT Functional Trainer Owner’s Manual