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Chisel Challenger

Joseph Gonzales on Chisel Challenger working out in sled mode which is like a bear crawl
View of Chisel Challenger from rear
Sondra Meyer and Joseph Gonzalez trying out Chisel Challenger

Chisel Challenger


Unlock total body transformation with the Chisel Challenger! This all-in-one machine combines a Power Climb, Power Stairs, and Power Sled for dynamic workouts that focus on glutes, hips, and core. Perfect for all fitness levels.


Chisel Challenger: Ultimate Fitness Fusion – Strength, Cardio, Flexibility


  • Step
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Climb
  • Crawl
  • Zero Impact

Complete Body Engagement
Harnessing Power Climb, Power Stairs & Power Sled Movements
Targeting Glutes, Hips & Core

Maximize Calorie Burn
Efficient and Effective Training

The Challenger Advantage

Unlock the Challenger Advantage with our cutting-edge Chisel Challenger. Engineered after extensive biomechanical research, this machine mimics natural movement for safer, more effective workouts. It features a unique combination of Power Climb, Power Stairs, and Power Sled exercises, ensuring comprehensive muscle engagement in a synchronized push-pull motion for every limb. The versatile design allows adjustments from vertical climbs to horizontal crawls, maximizing muscle activation, boosting circulation, and enhancing calorie burn. Experience unparalleled efficiency and set a new benchmark in your fitness journey with our patented technology.


Chisel Challenger Manual